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How not to quit after launching your startup - The Entrepreneur Kool Kit

Updated: May 17, 2023

Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship…..

The latest buzzword in town that’s got everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

If you've got a cool idea, a vision to change the game, and the guts to take risks, then the only thing left is a couple of tweets #Iammyownboss #becominganentrepreneur and you’re ready to go.

Or not.

Realistically, entrepreneurship is basically more than being your own boss or starting your own gig. It is taking charge of your future and getting behind the steering wheel yourself. It's not just a way to make money, but a lifestyle that allows you to chase your passions and make a positive impact on the world.

Yeah the tweets and hashtags are cool, but as you can see the actual work is cooler!

And by cooler, we mean you’d be needing lots of ice packs for your sore shoulders when you actually begin the heavy lifting task of entrepreneurship. (This joke actually sounded funnier in our heads)


Starting a business can be a wild and exciting ride. The freedom to create something new and call it your own is thrilling. But as much pros as this can have, there are also cons too.

That brings us to why we have written this eccentric little guide.

We realize how easily just anyone can become overwhelmed with entrepreneurship as soon as the initial adrenaline and excitement dies off.

So, let’s get on straight to addressing a few things y’all feisty and excited entrepreneurs can do to keep afloat even when the initial buzz and thrill dies out.

Call this the how to stay cool guide or the how not to quit after launching your startup guide.

Cliché eh? But you get the point.

How not to quit once the buzz fades.

1.) See the bigger picture.

We get it. Everyone starts a brand with the dreams of scaling, growing and become a global name but life pretty much humbles everyone. We don’t all get what we deserve do we?

But seeing the bigger picture can certainly provide the comfort and boost to keep you going.

Train your focus not on where you currently are but on where you want to be and see it as a journey not a sprint. What are your visions? What is the goal? What inspired this launch? Why did you become an entrepreneur? Find your purpose and it will keep you going.

2.) Failure is to entrepreneurs as comic books are to Sheldon Cooper.

A moment of silence for anyone who hasn’t watched The Big Bang Theory. Awkward.

But your movie tastes are not exactly the theme for this discussion, so we’ll grudgingly let it slide.

But if you know The Sheldon Cooper, you’d definitely get the gist of why you need to embrace failures as an entrepreneur. Now this isn’t to say go looking for how to fail, but more of a see failure in a positive kinda light. Not sure if the language is alright there, but we’ll try again.

Back to Sheldon, now where were we?

Wherever he was found, there were comic books bound to be there. It is almost impossible to count how many comics Sheldon has read.

Your failures as you start your entrepreneurship journey might almost match Sheldon’s love for comics. (We hope not) But if it does, see them as stepping stones and opportunities to try again.

In fact, it can be a valuable learning experience depending on if you let if faze you or fuel you. (Not gonna lie, this last line really sounded fire.)

3.) If you think learning stops, you’ve thought WRONG!

When you’re building your brand, it’s very easy to get caught up in running your business that research and learning gets pushed into the corner. The dark musty end of your basement.

You gotta learn new things every day. Learning never stops remember?

New ways to improve, new things to try. Learn, Learn.

And how you gonna do that?

The big guys in the game. The ones killing it or to put more accurately and less murderous – your COMPETITORS.

Oh, but how will a competitor show me what they’re doing?

Who says they have to? Hire somebody for God’s sake!

Okay that was harsh, but it’s the truth without mincing words. If you cannot dig yourself, find someone who will. Let them do the sniffing around, legally of course.

In our industry, we call it market research. This can help you see why your buzz is dying down, what you can capitalize on and actual metrics to help you improve. It’s also one of our best specialties and you can always learn more about how we can help you here.

Bonus tip, you too can find time to actually go online and see what other entrepreneurs are doing and how they’re building their own brands. You don’t have to pay anyone if you can do a good job yourself. (emphasis on doing a good job)

4.) Be bold enough to STOP or TRY new things.

Entrepreneurship is experimenting to find what works and sticking to it. The only problem is when you stick too hard and it’s time to let go.

Often, a method that has worked for years might suddenly not work anymore or a new concept might end up becoming a recipe for disaster. Acknowledge what isn’t feasible for you and be willing to STOP it no matter how comfortable you’ve gotten in doing it.

Think of it this way, a baby learns to stand with a form of support and gets used to walking with that support.

But growth often comes in letting go right?

And this post is not about babies.

So in the same manner, comfort might be your BARRIER.

The shift or transition might be what you need for growth. Comfort doesn’t equal progress.

You could be comfortably drowning. And that would make it a business murder, which is technically a crime. So, don’t be criminals. The Brand police does not smile folks.

Admittedly, this is not a strict list of do’s and don’ts. You probably have seen this stuff before, and in no way do we intend to further overwhelm any entrepreneur. So feel free to think of this as call to action, a reminder or even a sign, whatever works for you.

But, if you have already tried all of the above listed suggestions and still cannot fix whatever you think is wrong with your brand or business, then maybe what you need is beyond reading a blog post of about a thousand words.

What you may need....

We offer personal one on one consultations with you and a branding strategist that will help you figure it out together.

It’s like going back to the drawing board, only this time – you’re not alone.

We got. I mean, Your Brand Buddy’s got you!

So how about you just click here and it takes you straight to the other side where globally recognized brands are built.

I’ll see you there.

And dear entrepreneur,

You got this!


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