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''with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.''

- Thomas Foxwell Burton

Talent Scouting

''I can find whatever talent I'm looking for with merely a few clicks and tweets.''

- A person who has no idea they're in for a bumpy ride, 2023.

You can find whatever talent you’re looking for with merely a few clicks and tweets..... #beyourownboss #idontneedanagency

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The creative and entertainment industry is taking a huge shift. With the increasing reach thanks to digitalization and a huge dependency on social media, talent scouting has experienced a major revamp. 

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Most people seem to think this way anyway. But, the truth is, it ain’t that easy as it may sound.

Finding a talent is one thing. Finding one that is right for you (because talent is not always enough) – now that’s a whole new job.

Tons of viral TikTok Influencers, Insta models and Facebook Content Creators have been scouted as talents for commercials, Ads and more...

Getting a Brand Buddy is the new Cool!

Okay....But hear us out

Skip the search and go straight to vetting.

Architects Office
Creative Team in Studio

At our agency, we understand this struggle and are willing to help brands who work with us for Storyboard Scripts, Ads, Commercials or Video Production with additional help in finding the right talents to feature in these shoots and filming.

As Buddies, we believe your discomfort should be limited to the barest minimum while working with us. And as a plus, since we designed the blueprint for such scripts, we believe this will help us in our scouting process as our criteria will most likely align with your vision and mission.


Take a more linear insight into what our talent scouting offer looks like.

Talent Consultation

Creative Talent Directing

For this consultation role, we will help you set up a list of the best talents that suit the role and industry niche you’re looking for. Armed with your prerequisite, our creative consultation team spread out across different countries will help you narrow down your options to the best talents you may need to scout.

Of course, data and research will be provided to you in order to help you see how we arrived at such conclusion.

No Director on ground? Worried about having a talent director who would be able to supervise and direct the talents to deliver the script for a Storyboard, Ad, Commercial or Video shoot?  

Say no more!

Work with us as your Creative Shoot Director and effortlessly glide through the absolute fun of having a Scriptwriter and Director all in one.

Do it the Buddy way

Skip the search, we'll help you do it BETTER


The Agency in no way places itself as a talent agency, a modelling agency or anything related to the housing of models. Any misconception arising from this is purely unintentional and in no way represents the true wishes of the agency. 

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