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Our Story

JB Favour

Founder, Creative Director

 It all started with a passion for freelancing and a vision for something greater. This passion was fueled by creativity and a deep desire to help businesses succeed. Beginning first with just one person, a freelancer, armed with a laptop and a vision, it soon evolved into something much bigger thus laying the groundwork for what would now become a full scale agency.

But there is more. 

Our founder soon realized that running a business is no joke and fought hard with her small team of creatives to overcome most the challenges business/brand owners faced. This proved to be a learning curve and three things stood out the most from this experience. Content, Branding and Marketing were the biggest struggles business owners faced when navigating the entrepreneurial world. 

And thus the idea of FAVES_PEN Agency was born. A brand that would be like a Buddy, a true friend that would be there to provide content, branding and marketing help for business and brand owners. As we continued to grow, we never forgot where we came from. We remained true to our roots as freelancers, always putting creativity, innovation, and excellence at the forefront of everything we did. We have continued to take on new challenges, push boundaries, and embrace change as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

You too have got what it takes to create your own story.

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